Monday, March 1, 2010

The Destructor

So I received some comments from some close friends, laughing at how we call Olivia the Destructor. You see, they know how deceiving that spunky, cute little girl can be. So this got me to thinking...yes, I know this can be dangerous.....but in the midst of preparing for missions, who better to entertain us than this face:

We will start off with a bang.

About a week ago I was doing Livi's hair in my bathroom when I realized that a necessary hair product was in the bathroom downstairs. So I plopped her on my bed with the instructions not to move and ran downstairs to get it. I was literally gone less than a minute when I returned to this.......

Um that would be my wonderfully comfortable and very nice bed sheets with huge holes ripped in them. "How in the world?" is probably what you are asking yourself right about now. Well of course, I accidentally left her with this:

Yes, a simple comb.

Like I said, The Destructor.


  1. Oh NO!!!! Ooppsss.....At least she has a gorgeous face :)

  2. Not sweet Olivia ... musta been a mouse or something in the house :)

    If it makes you feel any better, Silas has left his marks all over our kitchen cabinets...

  3. Oh Olivia... you are too precious and it's ok... I don't believe a word of it!!! Everyday Hannah and Chloe ask, "Mommy, today see Olivia and Jackson?" We miss you...