Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A year ago today.....

A year ago today we walked through these gates and our lives were changed.....

So much about last summer is a blur, but every moment was worth all the waiting, preparing, and aching to have her home. This summer, this little princess is still just that a total princess. Yep, she has gone from what Almaz (the orphanage director) called the princess of Hannah's Hope to the princess of our family!! I can't even describe her....she is so full of energy and spunk. She is constantly talking and everyone is always amazed at all she has to say! She knows how cute she is and that if mommy isn't around she can get away with anything. She always needs her accessories and wouldn't be caught dead without matching shoes!

We are going out for Ethiopian food tonight to celebrate but our real celebration day will be the 17th since that is the day we came home to Jackson and became a family. So check back to see all the fun we have planned for this weekend!

Oh and here is where I wrote about that day last year on our adoption blog.


  1. What fun!!! Congrats! She has grown so much :)

  2. What a week, huh? I am so thankful that we were able to share the journey with you! I love the idea of celebrating the day you got back to Jackson. Love you!

  3. Just precious. Such a special day! HUGS!!!

  4. Happy one year home Olivia! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks...

  5. Such a day to remember. So glad I was there in it with you!