Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Neighborhood Treasures!

Well, we are all moved in and I promise a tour of the new place is coming soon! The kids are easing into their new summer routine quite nicely. Here in Texas, it is the same temperature as the surface of the sun for most of the day so instead of going to bed at 7:30 like we do during the school year, we take long, late afternoon naps and get to stay up late (you know, like 9:00pm). This way the kids are able to get some much needed outside time. Tonight after dinner, Daddy had to go over to the old house to do some repairs so it can go on the market next week so Jackson, Livi and I went on a walk to explore the new neighborhood. We found some pretty cool things! I am really starting to like living in this little neighborhood.....to tell you the truth this whole downsizing thing and getting rid of all of our stuff is kind of nice.....freeing almost.

Anyways.....right at the end of our street behind a cute little neighborhood church, we found this!

It's a community garden for our little town! How fun!

We spent almost an hour walking through all of the plots and exploring all of the neat plants! The kids were having a great time learning where all their vegetables come from!




they started a little orchard with all sorts of fruit trees

So it started to get dark and I literally had to drag the kids out, but as we were leaving I noticed a little sign that said "please take these....free!" And there were two little, very tired looking purple flower plants. So we decided to take them home and plant them in some pots and have a little garden of our own. Jackson and Livi were so excited to have there own plants!

Here they are watering the front lawn! All these pictures were from my phone, sorry about the quality!

and here are our mystery flowers.... Maybe I can get a decent picture of them in the daytime and someone with some gardening knowledge could solve our mystery......

that is if they don't die tonight. I am a plant's worst nightmare.

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