Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Playgroup

Sorry I haven't posted in the past few days. I have a horrible ear infection (yes, apparently I am a two year old) and I feel like I am underwater. It is the most annoying feeling ever!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Today however, our fun summer playgroup (you can click here for posts from last summer on our old blog) went to the fire station for a private tour!! Some of the kids were a bit nervous of the big trucks and strange men but Jackson was all over it. He did not want to leave and has talked about it all day! He absolutely loved every minute of it. He kept asking, "What does this do? Why? and What about about this?" Right now they are playing ambulance and taking a very sick monkey to the hospital.

This is him inside the ambulance....I didn't take any pictures of them in the back of the ambulance but they got to see the stretcher and all the supplies and even got a bandaid.

Here is just a few of the kids in our group posing on the firetruck

He did this all by himself....I really had to keep an eye on him.

with the big hammer/axe....it wasn't sharp

manning the chainsaw

I'll try and post more about what our fun playgroup does through out the summer.....although today's trip was the best one by far in Jackson's opinion! Many thanks to the fireman and Ashlee and Brilee for planning such a fun day!

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