Monday, June 7, 2010

PARTY TIME! (part 2)

Let's see we left off with snack time so here is big brother enjoying his yummy PBJ

this was supposed to be a pink castle bounce house but because we had to reschedule due to the illness of 2010 we ended up with this cute hot air balloon one

decorating cupcakes

looks like this cutie enjoyed it huh?

This is Livi getting her doll from Ethiopia. When we were there I shopped like a mad woman to get a present that she would enjoy for every birthday until she turns 18. We only had 2 hours to shop so it was a little hectic. You can't see the front but it is like a pillow doll with the white customary dress. It is pretty cute and she calls it "opia"

digging into the candy bar!

Well that about wraps it up! Happy Birthday Olivia! I am so glad we were finally able to celebrate your birthday!


  1. wow, she looks so much bigger than when we saw you guys just 1.5 months ago. Happy belated birthday sweet Olivia!