Monday, August 9, 2010

Cowboy Up!

While you are patiently waiting for our new ministry website and blog I thought I would give you a glimpse into our lives here in Texas. Last week we went to the rodeo with the youth ministry and Jackson has been asking to go back every. single. day. since. Oh and I have misplaced my favorite camera ( don't worry, grandma and Josies, we will find it!) so you will have to forgive me for the sometimes blurry and red eye that my backup camera produces.

this is Olivia's new pose for everything.

checkin out our boots

We signed Jackson up for the drawing for mutton racing but his name didn't get picked so he got to ride the mechanical bull. Oh mutton racing is where a small child puts a huge helmet on and sits on top of a sheep holding on for dear life as the sheep runs around the arena....they usually only hold on for a few seconds before landing in the dirt. And it was his idea to sign up....I just prayed he wouldn't get picked and God listened.

It wasn't ever going fast enough for him to fall off so at the end of the ride he threw himself off:)

oh and some actual rodeo things happened too:)

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