Thursday, August 26, 2010


Someone put an offer on our house today!!!!!! Please pray for everything to work out smoothly! I am so excited and a bit impatient:)  YAY!!!

Also, I think our new blog/website should be ready to reveal tonight! Sorry that we are having to switch you over to something new but apparently Blogger doesnt work too well in Ethiopia.  We are pretty excited about this new site though because it caters to everything we need it to do!  So yeah....tonight hopefully!!  And prayer letters are coming! I am still waiting on SIM to send the brochures....hopefully soon.  You'll be able to download both the brochure and prayer letter through our new site if you are still working on being patient like me:)


  1. Exciting!!!! Praying that it will go through :)

  2. Wonderful that you received an offer...hopefully it will all work nicely out for you!

  3. So happy! Sending prayers up right now!