Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ethiopian Reunion! and Olivia's first..........

Two weeks ago we were able to go down to Austin to meet some wonderful, and hopefully life long friends! Troy and Amber were down in the trenches with us when we were adopting Olivia and they were adopting her buddy Silas. In fact, I was in the middle of emailing Troy when we got "the call!" I don't remember exactly what I was emailing about but I remember in the middle of a sentence typing JULIE JUST CALLED! EMAIL YOU WITH DETAILS LATER! I think that was pretty funny. Actually I think Troy and Amber might of known before Paul! They traveled to get little Silas a couple of weeks before we went to get Liv and we were blessed to finally meet them in person when we drove through Tennessee on our way to Virginia for Thanksgiving. It was great to finally see them again as we emailed almost daily for a year!

We also got to finally meet another great family that traveled a little bit before us. Kim and her family adopted Finn and it was so awesome to finally see all our kids together and not just in pictures through blogland!

cutie finn

handsome silas

We headed to the Austin Children's Museum to have some fun!

seriously that little Finn was so delicious I just wanted to eat him up!!

After the museum we headed to the County Line for some yummy BBQ and amazing views of Austin.

Olivia was in heaven dancing with Kim's son Tucker

Then Silas got a bit jealous and had to show her who her man was.....

Then Daddy chased him clear out of the state! Or maybe he just got on a plane with his parents and went back to Tennessee......

We miss you Silas and Finn!!


  1. so cute...I see a wedding in their future. Although i thought silas was lucy lanes guy..guess he's keepin those ethiopian options open.

  2. Let me know what the distance Paul got the restaining order for :) I should do a post ... but may just point people here :)

  3. Adorable!! It looks like you guys had a great time and I SO WISH I WAS THERE!!!

  4. Yeah, I know that Silas gets around huh? That's ok cuz Livi is just boy crazy already I have decided. maybe there love is just a spring fling:)

  5. My big old boys are STILL talking about how much fun the little ones were! We had such a great time!!!