Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tot School

This week I am going to focus a little more on what Olivia gets to do during Tot School. Her time is significantly less since we normally do our school time during her nap but she is really getting the hang of playing with things the correct way so I am trying to find a good time to focus solely on her. Her is a video of her sorting things!

edited: I just watched this and for some reason it formatted weird and has cut off the top of her head in this video. I really can operate a camera better than this:)

The sorting is just pompoms, pieces of straws, pipe cleaner pieces, paper clips, beans, and rubber bands into little plastic cups. I store it in a gallon size zip lock bag and it is super easy prep work!

Livi got this Matching Middles cookie shape set in her Easter basket.

She worked on matching colors with this ice cream folder game that I made from File Folder Fun

We have a family pass to the Science Museum so we took our Tot School on the road!

exploring the water table

planting seeds in the farm

sorting our vegetables into the correct trucks

checking out some cockroaches......gross.

The turtle had babies!!

We ended our time digging for bones underneath a mighty large T-rex!

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