Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tot School

Tot School was a little sporadic last week since we had lots of fun things to do like the Gladney Skittle. We decided to do a few baseball themed things since some friends of ours were taking us out to see the Rangers beat the White Sox (Daddy's favorite)!

Some people have wondered about how we "do" tot school and how much preparation it takes. I may try and do more of a post on this sometime soon since we are about to step it up in the tot school/preschooling here. We need to be ready to do all of our preschooling needs in Ethiopia and training them, and more importantly training me, to make this a daily and scheduled activity is important. Thankfully, Jackson will most likely attend Bingham Academy for Kindergarten where we will live and work, so we don't have to worry too much about homeschooling while in Ethiopia. But being a teacher, my kids will probably always have to suffer through some type of learning at home! Jackson goes to preschool two days a week now and still has to have fun home schooling with his mommy!

And I know a lot of people think it takes a lot of prep work, and to some degree yes. I do own a lot of stuff from being a preschool teacher for 5 years, but even still, I have made a majority of it since starting with Jackson. The key is to make things you can use over and over again and then put it away when it is not in use. This way, it always seems like a new activity. Once the prep work is done and you have a nice stash, you can do it pretty easily. Just add small things as you have the time. To learn ALL about how to home school your tot or preschooler you can click the link below.

Tot School

Practicing putting capital letters in ABC order

These are mini colored clothespins (I just colored them with a sharpie) that they have to clip on to the matching pipe cleaner loop. Great for fine motor. Jackson is having a goldfish and raisin snack at the same time.....learning at an early age to multitask:)

We brought out our baseball lacing cards.

here she is trying to show it to the camera....I dont know why it isn't flipping!

Jackson has sensitive hearing and we normally have headphones for him to wear if it is too loud for him but Mommy forgot them. Actually there were no fireworks that night so I thought he would be fine but the speaker was bothering him. Thankfully though Geico was giving out these sweat bands so it became ear muffs:)

They looked so cute in their matching Texas shirts!

We also practiced tossing and catching soft squishy baseballs but I guess I forgot to take a picture! Sorry!

So hopefully in the next few weeks you will see a bit of a difference in our Tot School time. We sold some furniture (ahh it is actually refreshing to get rid of stuff) and we are making a little school room/playroom so we have some more space for our fun!

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  1. Taking notes on Tot school...and those precious faces, love 'em!