Monday, May 3, 2010

Gladney Skittle

Well I told you it's been a crazy week, right? We have been super busy with lots of fun things.....and well buying a minivan, which I wouldn't classify under fun:) What was fun was that Paul's work donates to the Gladney Adoption Agency (not our agency but still a great one!) and every year we get to attend one of their annual fundraisers at Six Flags for free! They provide dinner and a night of fun rides with no lines!! This was the first year we were able to take the kids, and Jackson and Olivia had a blast!! Jackson is such a daredevil and rode all the kiddie roller coasters!

she thinks she is really hot stuff driving the car all by herself.

Just a bit nervous on the first roller coaster.

but he got over it really fast and wanted to do it over and over again!

Even the characters were out for the big event! Olivia is near by screaming her head off....

uhhh how high is this thing gonna go???

It was a great night together and fun to participate in such a great event! Thanks Gladney!

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