Sunday, April 25, 2010


We were blessed with some free tickets to the arboretum so we packed a lunch and headed out to meet some friends. It was a great morning and Jackson slept ALL afternoon which he doesn't do very often anymore. However, he was up until 9pm as well but it was worth the nap I also go to take!

Jackson took this picture of Ferdinand the Bull.

He loved all the open space to run! I have 25 pictures of him running in different areas like this!

Maybe one day I'll get a good one of both of them. That day was not today.


  1. DeeDee yesterday was such a fun blessed time! The Hulls talked about how precious the children were all the way home. Looking forward to doing it again!

  2. Sot cute...even when they don't really well- pose together. Still very very cute! We just went to an arboretum- a week ago. It was nice :)

  3. What a beautiful place for an adventure! Love the dress on Olivia!

  4. your kiddos could not be any cuter! What do you use on Olivia's hair- it looks so healthy!