Monday, April 19, 2010

Cutest Baby Shower EVER:)

On Saturday, a few of my friends and I threw the cutest baby shower for my sweet friend Amanda. I know what you are thinking, that I am a glutton for punishment. I was a little worried that I might cry but really it was so much fun. I love being with these girls and I am just thrilled for Amanda so it was all good. So anyways, she isn't finding out what the gender is so I knew exactly what I wanted the theme to be. I found it on a blog several months ago and I was really excited to copy the idea! Oh yes, no original thoughts for me....I am an expert copycat!

Our theme was She's about to POP!

Jars of bubble gum and blow POPs:)

POP art of our favorite pregnant lady:)

Cute paper lanterns hanging above the food table.

The food included POP tarts, POPcorn brownies (they didn't actually have popcorn in them), POPpy seed muffins, and POPsicles.

We had a yummy POPcorn bar with cheddar, caramel, butter and kettle popcorn with cute tiny popcorn boxes for each guest.

Everything had cute POP labels!

It wouldn't be a party without Ashley making something from Bakerella!

Poppies.....oh ok they didn't have actual Poppies so these are what I call knock off Poppies:)

Kristen made this CUTE diaper cake!

And of course, everyone went home with a cake POP favor! If you aren't up with the cake pop hype, they are super yummy and from Bakerella:)


  1. very cute!! You are brave ... but when you love a friend you make sacrifices. I went to a few showers after we lost both our babies and I did it because I love my friends (still went home and bawled my eyes out afterward, though). But, I know it meant the world to them :)

  2. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  3. darling! i love that you rejoiced with your friend even though it might have heightened your sadness. that is love! a friend who had been waiting 3 years with no end in sight with her adoption threw me a shower for lulu. it meant so much to me since i knew it was so hard for her.

  4. What a cute & creative shower. You are such a wonderful friend. Hope you continue to grieve and heal.

  5. Very cool theme. And you are super strong for being able to do that; I lost my second pregnancy and there is NO way I could have done that.

  6. You are amazing - I hope you know that! I love you friend!