Friday, April 23, 2010

Tot School

Ah, Tot School. It is the first thing to go when things get crazy around here. It is a shame because it is my kid's favorite part of the day, but it is so much easier to just tell them to play with their toys than plan out meaningful play for them. But when it is gone for too long, we all get a little antsy with days on end of free time. We have gotten some really great new learning toys lately that I'll share with you. They have provided hours of entertainment lately!

I was driving in my neighborhood the other day when I spied some great puzzles at a yard sale so I had to stop! The Melissa & Doug ABC train puzzle was only $1! Oh and please excuse Olivia of not wearing pants.....we are working hard on the potty training this week as well.

Jackson worked on sequencing and identifying the letters. Olivia worked on identifying the pictures and they both did a great job working on putting the pieces together.

We were also given these great Kumon learning workbooks. I absolutely love them and will probably post more as we work through them more. This is the from the My First Book of Cutting. He loves it.

Jackson got this Tall Stacker Pegs Building Set for his birthday and they have spent hours creating all sorts of things.

Olivia worked on her matching colors mickey folder game.

Another yard sale puzzle. I love that it has both capital and lowercase letters.

We also spent a lot of time running around outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. Here they are running at the Arboretum. More pictures of that to come!


  1. I think Tot School looks really interesting but it looks like a lot of prep work. Maybe I need to do more research...

  2. I am amazed by TOT SCHOOL, I can't wait to dig into the website and come up with some fun ideas for my little guy.