Thursday, April 22, 2010

Huge Garage Sale benefitting our youth ministry!

Some of you may know that we work with the Junior High youth ministry at our church. They are a great group of kids and Paul and I really enjoy ministering to them. Well, this Saturday we are having a HUGE church-wide garage sale to benefit our youth program. If you are in the area, you may want to stop by for some great deals!

Huge Garage Sale
Saturday, April 24
Trinity Bible Church
400 W. Campbell Road
Richardson, TX

It comes at a great time as we try and simplify our life so that we only have the things we absolutely need for Ethiopia. I started taking pictures after Paul had already loaded half of it up but you get the drift. I didn't really realize we had so much stuff. This doesn't even show any of the stuff from the garage! It was several carloads!


  1. When we were "simplifying" to move here to Mozambique we donated to several garage sales, and then held a huge auction to get rid of the bigger stuff and some other items. A local bakery donated squares for our guests, and a grocery store donated sodas. It was such a fun time! hard to see our belongings go, but freeing in a way as well!