Saturday, April 10, 2010

Give All For Love!

So I was reading over at Happy Girl Hair, which is my favorite hair site and probably the only reason Olivia isn't ashamed to go out in public, and they were sharing about a brand new hair product that you adoptive families out there may love! It is called Give All For Love.

Give All For Love specializes in
all-natural beauty products. We use the highest quality organic ingredients straight from nature to create body products for all skin types and hair products for naturally curly hair. We can also create a custom product specifically tailored to your needs. Our products are suitable for children and adults.

We will be adding new products in the following weeks, so please check back often!

To share the love, 50% of the proceeds (50! that is awesome!) from every purchase go directly to support one of three Ethiopian charities. You can personally choose which charity (Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Ethiopia Reads, or Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital) you would like your purchase to support.

I haven't ordered mine yet because I just got some new Carol's Daughter products to try out two days ago and now I am kicking myself because I don't love it and the proceeds definitely don't go to a country I love. But as soon as we run out I will order some and let you know what I think! In the mean time why don't you head over to and leave a comment about what you think and what your favorite hair products are!

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