Friday, April 9, 2010

MckMama's iPad giveaway!

Ok so you all know that I LOVE Compassion International, right? If you go to my church you will see me sportin' my new compassion t-shirt and standing behind a table full of gorgeous children that need to be sponsored THIS SUNDAY! If you don't go to my church, well you should because it is great.....or you could just help support Compassion by clicking here on this link to read all about Mckmama's IPAD giveaway! Yeah that is what I said, I-PAD giveaway! Every $5 you donate to Compassion gets you a chance to be the proud owner! Hurry the giveaway ends at mindnight!

whoa. I took these fabulous pictures off of mckmama's blog about the giveaway.....I wonder how she gets them this big:)

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